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Patient Participation Group

We are looking for patients of all age groups and backgrounds to help us.

PPGs are groups of active volunteer patients that work in partnership with the practice.

This unique partnership between patients and their practices is essential to achieving high-quality care.

Groups meet face to face at mutually agreed intervals. ‘Virtual PPGs’ now also exist operating alongside ‘real’ groups enabling a dialogue with the whole patient population through email, online surveys and social media.

We are looking to recruit more people to our patient group. Would you like to join?

You can become a member by:

  • Attending the meetings – They are currently Quarterly at practice.
  • Joining our new ‘virtual patient participation group’ on our website.

The outcomes of the meetings both real and virtual will be available on our website.
You can sign up to the virtual group on our website. Please click here to “Sign Up for Our Patient Group”

How will I get feedback from the Group?

  • Information will be available in the waiting room at the surgery.
  • Information will be available on the practice website and in the newsletter
  • If you provide us with your email address and mobile telephone number we will add you to our contact list and we will contact you by email or SMS message

This is your opportunity to have your ideas heard and to influence how to improve services at The Lyndhurst Surgery.

Please help us to help you and become a member by giving your details at the reception or by email


PRG Signup Form